The Pearl Collection

About This Project


By Josh Carmody


The Pearl Collection blends the eternal shapes,
forms and materials found throughout Indigenous
Australian culture and craft, with the timeless
typologies of mid-century Danish furniture.

Organic oval shapes featured in the chair backrest
and seat, as well as the table top are reminiscent of
the Wanda and the Coolamon. Furthermore, the
multi-radius curves typical in these aforementioned
objects are the main inspiration behind the gentle
curves and tapers found throughout the legs and
framing in the collection.

Pearl shell embellishments reference the use of the
pearl shell in adornments as well as the fact these
and other shells were traded with the Makassan
people (modern day Indonesians).

The composition of these visual, material, historical
and cultural references culminates in a uniquely
proportioned and detailed collection of fine furniture for Manapan.