Linear Sideboard

About This Project

One of the starting points for Ashleigh’s Linear Sideboard was his appreciation for the work of Danish designer Kaare Klint. Designing solid timber furniture in the late 1930s Klint was strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement. So when Ashleigh discovered the Darwin hardwood in Arnhem Land, as well as the local ash species, he saw an opportunity to create a ‘solid’ furniture piece, one that could appeal to a high-end market and that would have longevity.

Although there’s a simplicity to the strong horizontal lines in Ashleigh’s wooden sideboard, there’s also a sense of playfulness. The two end bays, for example, are doors, while the two central panels function as drawers, each drawer being a different depth. Felt-lined drawers secure cutlery and shelves within the two end cupboards can be easily reconfigured. And slicing through these bands of vertical lines are two plate-like legs.

Ashleigh also designed a lower version of this timber sideboard to accommodate items such as a television set. “I wanted to design furniture that would also give pleasure not only to clients but, as importantly, to its makers, something that would allow their skills to be showcased.”