Fossil Coffee Table

About This Project

The Fossil Coffee Table features a stone top. Round in form, like the sun, this stone top table is complemented by two boomerang shaped legs made in Tiwi. Designer Liz Doube also inset the stone top with leather as another option for those wanting an extra ‘layer’ in this finely crafted wood coffee table.

Other inspiration for the Fossil Coffee Table came from the Indigenous Australian flag, with the graphic of the sun being a pivotal motif. In the back of her mind, there was also the boomerang, with its distinctive shape. “I didn’t want to create something that was too literal,” says Liz.

Liz Doube instantly thought of the landscape at the Top End of Australia before even reaching for her sketchbook. Not wanting to mimic the artistry of the Milingimbi community she was, however, drawn into their lives and landscape. “I looked at the local flora and fauna and was equally drawn to the community’s spirit poles. Liz was also keen to create a coffee table – a form that could ‘morph’ into other tables, be they dining or side tables.