Crocodile Lamp

About This Project

Suzie Stanford’s Crocodile Lamps, one designed as a table lamp, the other one for the floor, evoke the skin of the crocodiles in the region. Made from Darwin Stringybark, the timber has been fashioned to appear skin-like, with all the protrusions and troughs found on a crocodile.

This design includes a series of narrow crevices in the ‘skin’ on both sides of each of these handmade table lamps to allow the light source placed within, to glow. “The light emitted from these lamps reminds me of the local Indigenous community sitting around the camp fires, celebrating the fire, with all its burning embers,” says Suzie, who has designed these lights to be hollowed out, almost burnt, as is the practice at Milingimbi.

Whether the glow of light comes from the 400mm table lamp or from the 800mm floor lamp, the feeling is inspired by the analogy of ‘bush TV’, as locals refer to the theatre of sitting around a campfire – captured perfectly in these designer lamps.